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Photo by Hanna Brown
Photo by Hanna Brown

A slice of cake can do wonders for the soul, and downtown Bellingham’s Pure Bliss Desserts is just the place to go.

When I got to Pure Bliss, I was greeted with a charming storefront full of pinks with accents of black and flowers. Inside was no different as when you first walk into the restaurant, with three elegant pink couches and chairs draped by pink curtains.

The line was long, but the cakes sitting in the display case kept me in line, despite the heat in the bakery. There were quite a few desserts to choose from, and Pure Bliss switches which ones are offered each day.

Pure Bliss also keeps in mind dietary restrictions. Many of the desserts, like the coconut macaroon and the petite almond citrus cake, were gluten free, dairy free or egg free.

For my dessert choice, I went with the berries and creme cake. Each diner receives a generous portion of cake, and when bought during happy hour, the cakes are a dollar off.

Happy hour runs from 12 to 6 p.m. on Monday and from 5 to 7 p.m. on Tuesday through Friday. During those times, you receive a dollar off a cake, wine from $3.50 and beer from $3.00.

Photo by Hanna Brown
Photo by Hanna Brown

I paired my cake with a glass of champagne and took a table near the back to sit and enjoy my dessert.

Pure Bliss writes on their website that each dessert they make is done in their kitchen, and they try to use all local and organic ingredients.

The restaurant also offers many services, from wedding cakes and delivery to reservations and venue rental.

While their website details all the different desserts they make, their Facebook is the place to visit when figuring out which cakes they will be serving that day.

I would give Pure Bliss an 8 out of 10. The restaurant felt a little cramped but had a lot of charm, and the food was delicious.

Where is your favorite place to go for happy hour or for desserts? Let The Western Front know in the comments.


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