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Chase Reynolds // Photo by Kaylin Stiefer

Name: Chase Reynolds

Year: Junior

Major: Biochemistry

Q: What have you been watching on Netflix?

A: “Hell on Wheels. It’s a drama centralized about building the Union Pacific Railroad.”

Q: Who introduced you to the show?

A: “My girlfriend actually pretty much made me watch it. Once it started going, I got into it.”

Q: Who is your favorite character?

A: “Mr. Ferguson is one of my favorite characters. He’s played by the rapper, Common. [I enjoyed] watching his rise from nothing, being a freed slave man, to just working his way up in society.”

Storyline from IMDB: “The show introduces real characters, such as Thomas Durant, who was responsible for building the railroad from east to west. Bohannon may be the main character, but his adventures are cleverly woven amid real historical events and issues. There were hostilities among whites and recently freed slaves working on the rail line. There were also difficulties with the Irish crews, who weren’t considered to be too much better, during those times. Of course, there were also conflicts with Native Americans, who resented the crossing of their territory with total disregard of their sacred places, and of course, there are difficulties with the building of the railroad itself, weather problems, difficult terrain, cheating officials and late payrolls. [It] also shows the difficult lives of women in the era.”

My review: This show is not exactly for the faint-hearted. It is intense, filled with graphic scenes and keeps you on your toes with your breath held. Each character has their own story and plans they’re trying to carry out. The shows displays the reality of how life was after the Civil War, with everyone working against each other and all the nitty-gritty parts too. There needs to be some admiration of the sheer bravery that the men and women show to simply stay alive.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Seasons available: 4

Number of episodes: 43

Average length per episode: 42 minutes

Genre: Drama, Western



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