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Photo by Sascha Guenter-Schlesinger
Photo by Sascha Guenter-Schlesinger

For my first adventure into the hiking world I decided to start off with Clark’s Point. Tucked into the back of the Edgemoor neighborhood just past Fairhaven Middle School, it is a rare spot that only Bellingham locals tend to know about.

There are two different points to reach for hiking, the beach and the lookout. It really all depends on how adventurous the hiker is feeling. The lookout is a simple straight trail, while the tricky part is heading to the beach. It’s not really a trail, it’s more like an obstacle course, which required some leaping over trees and rocks.

Photo by Sascha Guenter-Schlesinger
Photo by Sascha Guenter-Schlesinger

For my hiking companions I decided to bring my boyfriend and my 62-year old dad, which led me to find the harder beach trail entertaining. The young 20-year olds would struggle to stand up because the trail was so steep, while my dad would already be at the beach sitting on a rock eating a sandwich.

Photo by Sascha Guenter-Schlesinger
Photo by Sascha Guenter-Schlesinger

Both the lookout and the beach are great places to view the sunset and that’s exactly what we did. This wasn’t my first rodeo with Clark’s Point, but every time I go the sunset seems to get better.

Just a warning for those hoping to stay after the sun goes down, the park closes right after sundown. From previous experience I recommend sprinting out right after the sun is gone because park hours are enforced. 

For those looking for a low-key trail and a place to hang your hammock, Clark’s Point is the perfect place to relax and forget about life.


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