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Past the hammering and drilling noises of the soon-to-be revamped Carver Gym, one could hear a faint sound of synthpop and electronic jazz music. Sitting on one of Western’s outdoor sculptures, sat two students happily chatting away and listening to music from a cellphone.

Photo by Honey Dubes
Photo by Honey Dubes

Sophomore Celaina Mansour and Junior Anisha Kumar are both environmental science majors with a toxicology emphasis, who decided to have a chat in between classes on the outdoor log sculpture.

Mansour said she visits the website Birp to check out their latest hand-picked tracks for her music cravings.

“Every single month they update with at least a hundred-plus songs from random artists that have just released tracks. We were listening to a song called Deck Chairs on the Moon,” Mansour said.

Song: Deck Chairs on the Moon by Bipolar Sunshine


Photo by Honey Dubes
Photo by Honey Dubes


Kumar said she likes to listen to Indian music and recently listened to the song Hashtag by Sharry Mann in the morning.

Song: Hashtag by Sharry Mann






Photo by Honey Dubes
Photo by Honey Dubes

Freshman Remington Morris, a biochemistry major, sat outside with his friends on campus to enjoy the sun and listen to music.

Q: What music are you into?

A: I hate to be the guy that says I’m into everything, but I like everything. What we’re listening to right now is deep house music and it’s a subgenre of electronic music.

Q: What top artists are you listening to?

A: I like to think that I know people that are smaller because I don’t like saying that I only listen to, the big guy, but everyone’s favorite is ZHU. That’s a pretty well-known name for deep house.

Song: Working For It by ZHU x Skrillex x THEY

Q: Do you have any sites that you like to go to check out music?

A: Soundcloud. Otherwise, DIRTYBIRD.



Photo by Honey Dubes
Photo by Honey Dubes

Sophomore Yaritza Esqueda, a sociology major, was sitting in Red Square and talking to a friend.

Q: What kind of mediums are you using to find music?

A: Recently, I’ve been really interested in Soundcloud because it’s a website where people can upload their own music, so I’ve been really trying to just like listen to people who haven’t really quite made it yet, but they’re on the verge of trying to get some attention. A lot of their music is really good.

Q: Are there any specific artists that you are listening to right now?

A: There’s a band that just won the EMP Sound Off! in Seattle and they’re called COSMOS. They have a former student who used to go to Western, Jonathan Montello.

Song: Living Proof by COSMOS


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