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AS President Campaigns begin to take shape

 Marco Morales. // Photo by Connor Jalbert
Marco Morales. // Photo by Connor Jalbert

Stephanie Cheng. // Photo by Connor Jalbert
Stephanie Cheng. // Photo by Connor Jalbert

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James Molyneux-Elliot. // Photo by Ian Koppe
James Molyneux-Elliot. // Photo by Ian Koppe


By Anna Edlund


Juniors James Molyneux-Elliot, Stephanie Cheng and Marco Morales are currently campaigning to become Western’s next Associated Students President.

Western has had a low voter turnout rate in the past, with the current AS President securing her position with a total of 886 votes — there are 15,332 students enrolled this school year, as of fall 2015.

A town hall meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m., April 12, in the Viking Union, room 552 and a Presidential Forum is scheduled for 6p.m., April 20 in the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room. Both events offer the opportunity to meet the candidates and learn about the election, which begin on April 25.

Molyneux-Elliot, originally a soccer recruit, is studying political science and has spent time as a Communication 101 instructor assistant.

Cheng studies public relations at Western, is one of the co-founders of the OurWestern Instagram and is a New Student Services Family Outreach Student Coordinator.

Morales said his previous experience as Executive Vice President at Whatcom Community College taught him how to deal with the bureaucracy and difficulties that will factor into being AS President.

An issue that all candidates deemed a priority was diversity and safety of marginalized students on campus.

Campaigning officially begins April 9 and will last through April 29.

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