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Western’s Got Talent showcases student performances

Residence hall students brought their best to the stage at Western’s Got Talent in the Viking Union Multi-Purpose Room on Friday, April 1.

The night brought a variety of acts together, including singers, dancers and a contortionist.

“I’m really impressed with how many people we brought,” said Jonica Beatie, Head Chair of the planning committee for the event. There were 13 acts with about 20 total performers, she said.

Kirk Roa and Namarea Randolph-Yosea won the talent show performing the Alicia Keys hit “If I Ain’t Got You.”

Freshman Colin Campbell, a resident of Mathes Hall, performed his original song, “The Lines Inside Your Palms.”

“Like any song, annoyingly, it has to do with an ex,” Campbell said. “Not necessarily anything they did but just their obsession with astrology. It’s kind of a big middle finger to people who follow astrology religiously.”

Campbell said he has played music for as long as he can remember and would like to pursue a career in the music industry.

BJ Hanson’s act broke away from the rest as he contorted across the stage. Hanson started contorting his body when his mother signed him up for gymnastics at age 4, he said.

“It definitely was a process,” Hanson said. “I watched talent shows on TV and when anyone does any cool contortionist things I always immediately try and sometimes I can do them.”

The show was moderated by a panel of three judges who gave feedback to the performers and  chose the winner. Panelists included Program Coordinator Karl Heinz, former Residence Director Christina Choi and the Director of Development for Mount Baker Theatre John Purdie.

All performers were students who live in residence halls on campus.


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