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The Front’s Affordable Fashionista: Switching to Spring

As spring slowly approaches there are a few easy ways to take what you’ve been wearing all winter and mesh it with your spring closet. Especially because all know that spring in Bellingham means some sunshine in between showers, which is why I always have a hard time committing to purchasing spring attire. So here is how I cope:

  1. Wear your spring dress over a turtleneck. While it is a little chilly to jump right into your spring dress you can easily layer it. My favorite way to do this is throw it on over a turtleneck, to add a “street style.” This is elevates the dress and gives you a chic look without spending any extra. 

Photo by Carolyn Trainer
Photo by Carolyn Trainer

  1. When in doubt, throw on a scarf. This is so simple but scarves seem to be overlooked in the spring on the PNW. These are such an inexpensive way to elevate your outfit in a snap. Even with an easy all black outfit, you instantly look ready for spring by draping on a vibrant scarf.  Simply scour the racks of any thrift shop to find a plethora of scarves of different shapes, sizes and colors. Or if you want to shop affordably for the perfect scarf from the comfort of your own home, search on Amazon. The scarf pictured is from Amazon was about $15, but always gets mistaken for the coveted Hermes scarf (of about $300 to $500).

Photo by Carolyn Trainer
Photo by Carolyn Trainer

  1. Sneaky layering with dresses and boots is one of my favorite tactics for the changing of the seasons. A free flowing dress is one the best ways to disguise layering underneath. I love doing this for those occasions when I need to dress up a bit but still need to stay warm. In fact I’ve worn this with shirts and pants underneath in the middle of winter in London, but it just appeared as if I was strolling around in a dress, unfazed by the frigid weather. Luckily back in Bellingham it’s slightly warmer so I throw on tights and a warm long sleeve underneath and am ready to take on a chilly spring day in style.

Photo by Carolyn Trainer
Photo by Carolyn Trainer

While these are just a few of my favorite ideas, we want to hear your favorites! What is your go to spring essential??


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