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Communications Facility doors closed for repairs

The Communications Facility doors being repaired on Wednesday, Feb. 24. // Photo by Elizabeth Kayser
The Communications Facility doors are being repaired on Wednesday, Feb. 24. // Photo by Elizabeth Kayser

The main doors to the Communications Facility have been closed for a week, but why?

Two of the doors have been taped off due to a malfunction, which only leaves the two small side doors for students to use when exiting and entering through the main entrance.  

Chris Brueske, the Assistant Director of the Facilities Maintenance & Operations at Western Washington University believes that the doors have been taped off since Thursday, Feb. 18.

“The doors are under repair because the door closer has failed on one of the main doors,” Brueske said.

Brueske said the door is scheduled to be fixed on Wednesday, Feb. 24.

“The closer spring is bad and it’s taped so they won’t slam shut and break,” Brueske said.

The duck tape is covering the inside of the doors, but people entering the building from the outside can see the tape through the windows.


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