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Backstage Access: Joe Marson, the Johnny Appleseed of the Music Industry

Joe Marson on stage. // Photo by Christian Conahan
Joe Marson on stage. // Photo by Christian Conahan

He was born in San Diego, lives in Brooklyn and has spent time traveling the country and performing.

“I’m like the Johnny Appleseed of music — spreading my seed, man,” said Joe Marson before hopping up on stage at the Green Frog on N. State Street in Bellingham.

Incorporating beat-boxing, which is essentially vocal drumming, into his music gives it a modern take on his sounds while staying close to his inspirations.

Marson’s vibe is bluesy, but with a rock-and-roll feel and an alternative kick.

Currently on his winter tour, Marson said he’s traveled to Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, then into Washington. After Washington, he’s traveling down the coast through Oregon on his way to California, playing at venues along the way.

“My band is coming out and joining me,” Marson said. “We’re going to do California all the way down to San Diego.”

Marson said his music sounds like “pure sexual magic,” but in a more modest sense his music is “alternative soul rock.”

“It all stems from Jimi Hendrix,” Marson said. “He’s sort of the godfather of everything that I resonate with.”

Mark Johnson, in Bellingham from out of state to ski, said Marson nailed it.

“He sounds good, I’d check him out again,” Johnson said. “He’s got a good voice — nails his solos and shit.”

Saga Briggs, from Portland, says she’s drawn to the music scene, but has never been to the Green Frog.

“I took a video of [Marson],” Briggs said. “I thought his last song was amazing, and I thought it was interesting that he said it was a special song he only plays for specific crowds that might appreciate it.”

Marson’s music is available on iTunes, and through his website at www.JoeMarson.com.


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