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Viking Voices 2/16

Viking Voices showcases student opinions on different issues by asking them different questions. This week we asked students: “Where did you get your textbooks this quarter, how much did you spend and why?”

Junior, environmental science major
Junior, environmental science major

Amazon and Craigslist, $350


“I buy some of my textbooks at the bookstore just because of lab manuals, which definitely went up in price. It seems like the science books are a bit more expensive.”













Junior, political science and economics double major
Junior, political science and economics double major

Amazon and Bookstore, $60


“I think the books at the Western bookstore are overpriced a lot of the time and they buy it back for a tenth of the price and I don’t like that.”












Junior, interdisciplinary studies concentration
Junior, interdisciplinary studies concentration

Amazon and Bookstore, $100


“I overestimated the shipment date so the books didn’t show up on time, so that was a little problematic.”


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