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Non-Western student with handgun escorted off campus

A student called University Police after noticing someone in her class with a handgun in his waistband in Parks Hall 146. The individual was cited for Carrying a Concealed Weapon Without a Permit on his Person by University Police and escorted off campus at 12:35 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 12.

The individual, age 30, was not a Western student and was attending a class with his friend who is a Western student. University Police and a faculty member removed him from class. Students were seen filing out of the classroom and were sent outside.

The .45 semi-automatic gun was  loaded but did not have a  round in the chamber, Director of Communications Paul Cocke said. The police took the gun but gave it back to the individual after removing him from campus.

To be in possession of a firearm, an individual must be authorized by commissioned law enforcement, by the US government, or by contract with a university, according to Washington State Legislature law on firearms and dangerous weapons.

Those who are members of the campus community, as well as visitors, must immediately take firearms to the university-provided storage facility, according to Washington firearm law.

Those who would like to have a weapon in class must apply to the university public safety department for review.

“The university appreciates the student that notified authorities,” Cocke said. “We appreciate that kind of diligence.”


*Updated with additional information from Director of Communications Paul Cocke at 4:21 p.m.


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