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Backstage Access: Invictus

Invictus performing. // Photo by Christian Conahan
Invictus performing. // Photo by Christian Conahan

Three band members sip Rainier beer, sitting around a table at the Wild Buffalo as they wait for their singer to finish up class at Western.

Jonah Falk, Ricardo Quintanilla, and brothers Shaun and Dallas Quick make up Invictus, and to date, playing at the Wild Buffalo has been their biggest show.

Falk says Talib Kweli has been a huge inspiration to him.

“I love multisyllabic rhyme schemes and I try to slow it down a little bit sometimes, but for the most part I’m rapping fairly quick,” Falk said. “Not like chopper Tech N9ne stuff.”

After playing house shows and a few shows at the Shakedown, Make.Shift and the Swillery Whiskey bar, they’ve moved up and are now headlining.

“We’re the biggest name on the poster,” Dallas said. “Yeah, we’re the heading.”

The band says they sound most like Rage Against the Machine, the Roots or the Fugees.  

Currently, their favorite song to play is Ethics, which they plan on having online by April.

Three members of Invictus. // Photo by Christian Conahan
Members of Invictus. // Photo by Christian Conahan

Their Facebook page, Invictus, is where they’ll post updates on their music and where they’re playing. They also accept messages to those looking to get in contact.

They hope to add new music soon, but currently, their first E.P. is available to stream on Bandcamp.


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