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The Front’s Affordable Fashionista: Charged with Accessory

I always find that mid-season I always tend to become a little restless with my wardrobe, but I really should be saving for next season’s trends and collections to come out. So, here are three ways I like to transform a basic, bland outfit with reworking accessories.

  1. Use skinny neck ties or scarves as belts. I got this idea from scouring the men’s tie rack in a local thrift shop and fell in love with a few of the prints and decided I needed THAT tie in my life that instant. Because I can’t say no to a good print I simply decided to use these ties to wrap around my little black dresses to add a little spunk to my classic wardrobe staple. I was pretty pleased with the outcome.

    Using a tie as a belt on a dress. // Photo by Carolyn Trainer
    Photo by Carolyn Trainer
  2. One of my favorite ways to take a basic top or sweater to the next level is adding clip on earrings to the top of the shirt. That’s right, granny’s old earrings are now socially acceptable to wear on a regular basis and not just part of a fun costume.  Just simply find a few sets of clip on earrings that complement one another and clip those bad boys on until you reach that state of satisfaction.

    Photo by Carolyn Trainer
    Photo by Carolyn Trainer
  3. Also inspired by all those grandma’s out there, the brooch. Yes, those pins that you usually see elderly women wearing with their winter coats. Thrift shops are always saturated with these because no one EVER wears them anymore, except me and maybe two other people.  I love to put these in between the collars of a blouse, either paired with a sweater or a dress, to dress it up a bit.

    Photo by Carolyn Trainer
    Photo by Carolyn Trainer

Katie Jordan, a Business Administrator major, says her favorite accessories are shoes and bags. “Shoes, because they completely change an outfit and I’m really into color, so I usually try to work an outfit around the color of my shoes.”  

A more original styling trick Jordan mentioned was reworking some of her old pieces. “I’ve used scarves as hair accessories before. I have also used a pendant of a necklace and sewed it as a button on top of a sweater.”  

Any of the pieces mentioned above can be found at thrift shops, garage sales and antique stores and are typically surprisingly inexpensive.


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