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Journalism students respond to proposed bill

Western journalism students could be affected by bill on freedom of expression and free speech for high school and collegiate publications.


What do you think about the independence of student publications and the involvement of school administration?

Lauren Prater // Photo by Kenji Guttorp
Lauren Prater // Photo by Kenji Guttorp

“I think it will be beneficial for both the school and the publication. I think it would give the publication more room for expression — it wouldn’t have to worry as much about ties with the university, so they could be a little bit more open and opinionated, which I think is always a good thing when it has to do with freedom of expression.”

Lauren Prater, senior, public relations major

Nick Danielson // Photo by Kenji Guttorp
Nick Danielson // Photo by Kenji Guttorp

“Freedom speech is great on campus and great for publications for a variety of reasons. Western’s journalism program has been really commended for being a good preparation for the real world and good hands-on experience. So getting it as close to the real thing is really important. I think the idea of more freedom of speech and the ability to do stories you want to do, are really important for the student publications at Western.”

Nick Danielson, senior, design and marketing major, photographer for Klipsun magazine

Do you think more freedom of expression is important for student journalists?

Ariana Hoyer // Photo by Kenji Guttorp
Ariana Hoyer // Photo by Kenji Guttorp

“It’s important that people are able to speak or write about issues that they care about without fear of being punished because as long as they are doing it in a respectful manner it should lead toward progress.”

Ariana Hoyer, senior, public relations minor


Libby Keller // Photo by Kenji Guttorp
Libby Keller // Photo by Kenji Guttorp

“Communication and being able to express yourself is something everybody deserves to do — as long as that speech isn’t directly harmful to another person physically or mentally. I think people should be able to express themselves and share what’s going on in the world.”

Libby Keller, senior, journalism major, former editor for The Western Front


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