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Sara’s Vegan (and Other Dietary Needs) Guide: Busara Thai Cuisine

It’s getting to that point in the winter, where it seems like sickness is lurking around every corner. This week I found myself getting groggy with a throat that was a little scratchy. To combat the fear of catching anything else, I stocked up on some Airborne, oranges and soup.

This week I tried out a place that I have always seen and been curious about.

Busara Thai Cuisine, serves all kinds of thai food. from the classic curry, to tom yum soup.

For this post I decided on something that will help sooth my throat and my hunger.

What’s great about Thai food in general, is the abundance of gluten free and vegetarian/vegan options.

Place: Busara Thai Cuisine

Location: Sehome Village

Food: Tom Yum Jae

Bonus: Gluten free

Price: about $8.50 for 2-3 servings

Tom Yum Jae soup from Busara Thai Cuisine. // Photo by Sara Comstock
Tom Yum Jae soup from Busara Thai Cuisine. // Photo by Sara Comstock

This soup was so nice on a cold day. The soup was filled with vegetables and tofu. The broth itself was full of flavor from ginger root and lemongrass. The lemongrass provided a tangy contrast to some of the chili pepper in the broth. The only bummer was biting into giant chunks of lemongrass and ginger.

All around this soup was flavorful, but the price is a little off putting.

For more information about Busara, or to see the menu, you can go to their website: http://www.busarabellingham.com


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