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Sara’s Vegan (and Other Dietary Needs) Guide: Mediterranean Specialties

Hummus: A true gift to vegans, vegetarians, gluten free people, lactose intolerant people, grain free people, and people in general.

This week takes us to a place that truly knows their hummus, Mediterranean Specialties located in Viking Plaza.

When you first walk into the cafe, you are met by rows of unique specialty items typically linked to the Mediterranean.

Cookbooks, wine and all sorts of olives lines these shelves. Near the back there is a frozen section so you can take home your own pita bread dough and make it fresh.

This cafe has a few options for those who have dietary needs. From a tabbouleh salad that uses quinoa instead of bulgur.

Place: Mediterranean Specialties

Location: Viking Plaza, by Sehome Village

Food: Hummus platter, stuffed grape leaves

My choices for the evening were a classic hummus platter and stuffed grape leaves.

Hummus plate // Photo by Sara Comstock
Hummus plate // Photo by Sara Comstock

The hummus platter came with a substantial amount of hummus, which was a delight. Some places skimp out on the hummus, but not Mediterranean Specialties.

This was accompanied by some pickled radish, pickles, tomatoes and pita bread. The pita bread was the perfect choice to accompany the hummus. The tomatoes, pickles and radish added a nice crunch and flavor to the dish.

Stuffed grape leaves // Photo by Sara Comstock
Stuffed grape leaves // Photo by Sara Comstock

My second choice was the stuffed grape leaves. When you order, you receive three for just under $2. The stuffed grape leaves are filled with spiced bulgur and a olive marinade. the surprising thing about the grape leaves is how much it actually fills you up. The grape leaves were spiced perfectly, and just the right consistency.

The prices at Mediterranean Specialties are reasonable and as an added bonus: they deliver.
Visit their Facebook page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/bhammedspec/


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