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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: In Response to Gun Control Editorial

This letter to the editor was written by Courtney Carver, Western freshman and business administration major

Gun control is a very sensitive topic, especially in our society today. There are polar extremes in how every person feels about what should be done to control the mass shootings that have become an everyday occurrence.

It is very difficult to address the issue of gun control without offending someone’s values or views, however, the article concerning this issue examined the topic carefully and was very well articulated. Gun control has, oddly enough, everything to do with everyone.

There are so many shootings that occur, especially in schools, and the decision of whether to allow them on campuses will be a decision that will change the responses to gun control. Feeling safe and comfortable should be the most important outcome of the talk about what to do about gun control.

Increasing the difficulty of obtaining firearms, as President Obama intends to do, could be a huge factor in decreasing the number of possible shootings.

Gun control is a very serious topic and it should not be taken lightly and having all angles represented is very important in the process. Being informed on the status of gun control laws is very important to the well-being of all students as these laws concern all of us.


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