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Get to know Western: Ellie Seaman

Photo by Carolyn Trainer
Photo by Carolyn Trainer

Ellie Seaman is a 20 year old psychology major. With a passion for alternative medicine and a healthy lifestyle, Seaman is opinionated on Western’s policies and passionate for her classes.

What do you like to do outside of class?

I am a doTERRA oils distributor. They are an essential oils company, they are dominating the alternative medicine area right now. So that goes with my psychology degree. I plan on incorporating that into a practice or whatever I decide to do and incorporate Eastern medicine in that with my psychology degree.

Any extracurricular activities?

I also take barre classes a lot with my roommates, it’s like a mix of Pilates, ballet and yoga. You use a ballet bar and studio and then incorporate a lot of abs and a lot of squats. t’s really intense… It’s worth it. They play good music, and it’s probably the best workout I’ve ever done.

What do you like about Western?

I like the fact that personality wise, I feel like you can meet so many different types of people here. There is an underlying theme of people being pretty chill with each other. I like that it’s very accepting, I’ve never run into an environment where I felt really judged here.

What would you change about Western?

There’s not very many maps on campus, I remember when I was a freshman and first got here, I would always find maps of where the recycling bins were but there weren’t any maps of the actual buildings. That’s the only thing that’s kind of hard sometimes.

And also, I understand why they don’t sell water on campus because plastic water bottles are a huge thing, but at the same time why would you have Amp, which is full of sugar and a bunch of nasty stuff, and a bunch of really sugary drinks. Is that what you’re promoting instead of water? I know people that will buy the cheapest drink they can get and just dump it out immediately to the bottle up with water. It’s just frustrating sometimes because you forget your water bottle, and you need water on campus and you can’t get it.

Any major goals in the near future?

Well, graduate from Western, that’s my number one and then I think I might go get my master’s in counseling or in that area. I haven’t decided yet, I might want to go to med school and be a psychiatrist. It just depends on how the next year or so goes.

What’s the best class you’ve ever taken at Western?

I think my English 214 class, it was a Shakespeare class with Christopher Patton, he was awesome, he was an amazing teacher. I had done Shakespeare in high school for drama so it wasn’t hard for me,  but usually people have a really hard time with Shakespeare, and he made it really interesting. It was a really good class, I really enjoyed it.


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