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What’s Western Wearing?

Photo by Jordan
Shea Cormwell // Photo by Jordan Mellott

Shea Cromwell is a junior studying education and general science. Her sweater is from a yard sale in Capitol Hill and she got it for $5. The skirt is from crossroads in Seattle and it was $10. The vest was a Christmas present, so she’s not sure how much it cost, but it is an Eddie Bauer vest. She didn’t know the brand or prices of her shoes or tights.


Photo by Jordan Mellott
Stirling Scott // Photo by Jordan Mellott

Stirling Scott is a junior and she is a geography major. Her coat was $70 and the brand is Jack. Her scarf is from India. Her mother is a flight attendant and flies to India often, which is where her mom bought the scarf. Her shoes are Rocket Dog brand and cost $50.


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