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Sara’s Vegan (and other dietary needs) Guide

This week’s blog takes us down to Seattle. Now Bellingham is wonderful for accommodating to dietary needs, don’t get me wrong. However Seattle happens to have more options in my unprofessional opinion.

Let me paint a picture:

The sun is shining around Green Lake, the frost glistening and melting slowly, and a young 20 something year old girl is panting and sweating like she just climbed Everest. The holidays did a number on me, and I felt the urge to run around the beauty that is Green Lake, although I overestimated my athletic capability.

After running for what seemed like an absurd amount of time, I decided to grab breakfast.

I went to PCC, which is easy mix of Whole Foods, Haggen and a food court. PCC has multiple locations, one of which is in Green Lake.

The great thing about PCC is the array of foods that are available to people of every dietary need and every allergy. You name it, there is something for someone there.

I went to the hot foods bar and found myself scooping up its roasted vegetables, a breakfast potato bake and a tofu scramble.

Place: PCC

Location: Green Lake

Food: Hot Foods Bar (tofu scramble, breakfast potato bake, and roasted vegetables)

Bonus: Gluten free, diabetes friendly.

Photo by Sara Comstock
Photo by Sara Comstock

The scramble was well seasoned, and reminded me of breakfast mornings when I was a kid. The roasted vegetables were delightful, again seasoned properly and just tender enough. The potato were the best part in my opinion. Then again, potatoes are one of the best breakfast/lunch/dinner foods.

The only downside to this breakfast? The price. While it was filling, the service was fantastic, and the food was delicious, the price was a little ridiculous.


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