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Study, Sleep, Repeat

By Alyssa Evans

Balancing separate aspects of life in college is hard. College students have demanding courses, friends, outings and more. Life as a student can become overwhelming, hence the perpetual question – how does one survive?

Percentages calculated from online survey in which 208 students responded between Friday, Jan. 8 to Monday, Jan. 11. // Illustration by Tyler Hillis
Percentages calculated from online survey in which 208 students responded between Friday, Jan. 8 to Monday, Jan. 11. // Illustration by Tyler Hillis


College students are expected to maintain three main aspects of their lives: studying, sleeping and a social life. Yet, there’s a catch. With so much going on as a student, it seems like there is only time for two of the three main aspects, rather than all three.

It’s important for students to find ways to schedule not only what they need to do, but what they want to do.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 11.54.53 PMJunior Eoghan Gormley, a mathematics and vocal performance major, said he chooses studying and sleeping because he thinks the two are essential for his success. Balancing the two can be hard, so Gormley said he plans to handle his stress this quarter by going to the gym and going bird watching once a week.

“Don’t let other people decide what you can and can’t do. That’s really something only you can decide,” Gormley said. “I’ve been taking 18 credits since my first quarter here and it doesn’t get to me very often. Just don’t let yourself get in the mindset that you’ll be overwhelmed. Convince yourself that you’re going to do it and be confident.”

Sophomore Robert Frederiksen takes a different approach to balancing his college lifestyle. A theater major who is Frederiksen said he spends most of his time participating in either social events or studying.

“When there’s a bunch of opportunities that are built around you, you might as well make the most of it. That’s why I’m here in college, to make the most out of the entire time that I’m here. So, there’s no time for sleep,” Frederiksen said.

Western’s Counseling Center Director Shari Robinson recommends using time management skills to prevent becoming overwhelmed as a college student.

“The more a student ascribes to some type of time management system, the more the student tries to organize their various demands and expectations, I think the more manageable of an experience the student will have in college,” Robinson said.

Students taking six or more credits can make an appointment with the counseling center by calling (360) 650-3164 or by stopping by Old Main 540. If interested in self-help resources, the center has a section on their website.


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