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Kombucha within community

Cans of Kombucha. // Photo by Ian Koppe
Cans of Kombucha. // Photo by Ian Koppe

Fermented tea, also known as kombucha, has become a popular trend among 20-somethings. Popping up all over cities in the west coast, kombucha micro-breweries have grown in numbers and brought a brewery to Bellingham in 2013 — Kombucha Town.

Kombucha is a fermented beverage of black tea and sugar that’s used as a functional food. After being fermented, kombucha becomes carbonated and contains vinegar, b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and a high concentration of acid which is known to be beneficial in many ways according to the Dr. Axe Food is Medicine website.

Alicia Elms, a Western senior, is a frequent kombucha drinker.

“It definitely reduces some of my joint pain, since I don’t have really good knees,” Elms said.

Other than helping with her joint pain, kombucha has been a good replacement for coffee for Elms. She noticed coffee would give her headaches due to high amounts of caffeine so she tries drinking kombucha more often.

“Kombucha has a little caffeine,” said Elms. “It has low sugar and helps you get more iron.”

You don’t have to add more sugar to it because it has the perfect amount and is slightly carbonated, Elms said.

“My favorite part about it is after a really long day it’s a great drink to just keep me going and keep me alive,” she said.

“[Kombucha] definitely reduces

some of my joint pain, since I don’t

really have good knees.”

Elms said she drinks it in the afternoon to help her with her long days on campus a few times a week. She enjoys the black tea flavor because of its natural taste, said Elms.

“I’ve seen it on campus and a few of my friends have talked highly of it,” said Deven Khanna, a senior at Western. “I definitely have been seeing it a lot more around town.”

Khanna said he has only had kombucha once. He had the blueberry white flavor and can see himself having more over time.

Kombucha Town uses organic fair-trade green, white, black and guayusa teas, according to the Kombucha Town webpage.

The Kombucha Town brand of the tea is sold in the Atrium and Miller market on campus for about $2, with a variety of different flavors that are made locally in Bellingham.


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