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Sara’s Vegan (and other dietary needs) Guide

I remember I was in a grocery store when I first told my best friend.

“Maddi, I have something I should probably tell you. Please don’t judge me for this…”

“What is it?!” she said with great concern.

“I… I… I’m a vegan.”

Maddi’s solemn face immediately changed into a wide grin and a burst of laughter came barreling out of her.

Not my finest hour in telling someone my dietary choices, but I tread carefully in disclosing that information.

It’s hard telling people about food restrictions, but with good reason. There tends to be two things that happen when you mention that you are vegan to someone:

  1. People automatically become registered dietitians and worry about your protein intake


  1. People roll their eyes expecting you to rage about your crusade as a vegan.

Going out to eat within the guidelines of being a vegan can be difficult. That’s why I’m here — to offer options to those of you who are in the same boat as me.

I present to you: Sara’s Vegan (and other dietary needs) Guide. Here at this blog you’ll find places to visit, options to swap out at popular restaurants and things even the most bloodthirsty carnivores will appreciate.

Bon appetite!

Place: Colophon Cafe

Where: Fairhaven

Food: The Superfood Salad (without the feta)

Bonus: It’s gluten free!

When you step into Colophon Cafe, the atmosphere is cozy, almost reminiscent of eating dinner in an old friend’s living room. The service adds to the experience, with the wait staff making you feel like you’ve been friends forever. All around, this was a delightful experience.

This is my choice meal at this establishment, because not only does it fill you up, but it’s really good! And not just the “it’s really good” that vegans tell you to try something. It’s delicious, nutritious and doesn’t break the bank.
Colophon Cafe website: http://www.colophoncafe.com/


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