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Q&A With Volleyball Coach Flick

After reaching the final four in her 16th season, head volleyball coach Diane Flick, sat down with the Western Front to answer some questions for Western Students.

Q: What is your pregame ritual?

A: “You know, before matches start, the team is kind of off on their own so I don’t know what it is. I let them have their own space to do whatever it takes to get ready for matches.”

Q: What makes coaching at Western so special?

A: “It’s really nice to be here for as long as I have. Most of the coaches have been here for quite a long time and that camaraderie and the ability to bounce ideas off of people and the comfort level you have is really important so you can focus on the right things. [We] have a really great university in general, so recruiting is not difficult. We have great academics; we’ve got a great city; and then we’ve

got great people who have come ahead of them. Alumni help to sell it too because they set the tone of what kind of athlete we want to bring in. You put all those elements together and it’s a pretty special place to be.”

Q: What is your coaching philosophy?

A: “‘Give them roots and wings.’ The whole idea is to teach them a foundational set of values or technique, whatever it is, and then give them the opportunity to try, fail, learn and try again.”   

Q: What was the most memorable moment from the 2015 season?

A: “There were a lot of them. But I have to say, coming back from being down two games to zero against [California State University, San Bernardino] in the [NCAA II West Regional Final] was quite a special moment. Rachel Roeder hitting the last shot off someone’s hands, having it fly somewhere and realizing we were going to fly to Tampa in a day or two was pretty exciting. That was one of the best moments we had, among many.”

Q: Is there one game you look forward to each season?

A: “We seem to be everyone else’s rival. you can’t help to be excited to play [Central Washington University] since they have been a rival for many, many years. [University of Alaska Anchorage] is always a great team to play, especially at their place. They have an incredible arena to play in. I just look forward to playing each week. It’s a great time to test and see where we are at that part of the season and what we need to get better at.”

Q: What is your favorite sports team? (Besides Western Women’s Volleyball)

A: I am very interested in human-interest stories that pop up. I can’t say that I have one team that I follow but I definitely like to see the human side of sports. When those moments come up, I think that’s where I can learn a lot and add to my coaching with it.”


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