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Student house near Western catches fire, no tenants injured

A house fire was reported at 1210 Ellis St. Monday evening, Dec. 14, after students were alerted of smoke rising from their roof.

The upper division of the two apartment household was affected with minor smoke damage, but no fire damage appeared to be present, Bellingham Assistant Fire Chief Rob Kintzele said.

The reason for the fire is under investigation but could potentially be electrical, Kintzele said.

The stranger was quick to knock on the door and alert household, Western student Carissa Loft and her housemate Sarah Alward. Loft, living in the upper division of the house, said she wasn’t at first certain if the roof had been releasing smoke or if it was simply fog but was quick to call the fire department.

Loft and  Alward exited the house and the department was able to get there in about three minutes, Kintzele said.

Loft’s third roommate and those living in the lower division of the duplex were not home, but their living area has minimal damage, Kintzele said.

The roof was cut open for gutter access and damage appears to have mostly affected the ceiling bedroom, Kintzele said.
Loft has plans to stay at a friend’s house for the night but expects damages to be temporary.


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