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From the Sidelines: Seattle Seahawks

What are your initial reactions to the game against the Steelers?

Colin Floyd: Wow. What a game. With Russell Wilson throwing a career high of five touchdowns and Big Ben throwing for the most yards ever against a Seahawks defense, this game turned out to be quite the offensive shootout. But the Legion of Boom came through when it mattered most, only allowing one passing touchdown.

Lynsey Amundson: I think it was a great game and fun to watch. The Seahawks pulled it through and showed us the Hawks that we know.

Jordan Kunigk: My initial reaction to this win was pretty overjoyed. This was a hard-fought win against a team that had been making moves in the NFL. Additionally, it was the Steelers, which gave this win a side of sweet, sweet vengeance. Speaking for Seahawks fans, a win against the Steelers is payback for the fiasco that happened in Super Bowl XL.

Karina Soennichsen: The Seahawks had some excellent plays against a tough team. The team looked really good compared to what I’ve seen in the past this season.

What are some things the team excelled at? What are things the team didn’t do so well?

CF: The Seahawks O-line has been steadily improving, thanks to Patrick Lewis taking over for Drew Nowak at center. It protected Russell Wilson, only allowing two sacks and four QB hits. Our D-line had a poor performance with the same sacks (two) and QB hits (four) as the Steelers’ D-line, no wonder Ben Roethlisberger threw 456 yards.

LA: Russell Wilson did amazing with five touchdowns and a career high of 345 yards. The Hawks offense was explosive and Doug Baldwin had a huge part in it. There wasn’t a lot that the team didn’t do well except the defense needs to allow fewer yards.

JK: The team really gelled today in most aspects and gave a performance representative of ex-Super Bowl champs. The offense was on fire, as was Russell Wilson who put up 345 yards, five touchdowns, and threw no interceptions.

KS: The Seahawks looked really good as far as working together and communicating. It is still struggling with the offensive blocking and giving Russ enough time to make a really thought-out decision.

The next game is against the Minnesota Vikings. What do you think about that matchup?

CF: This is a surprisingly tough matchup. The Vikings are on top of the NFC North at 8-3. Adrian Peterson is having another monstrous season, with 1164 yards, eight touchdowns and a 4.9 yards per carry average.  If the Hawks run defense, which ranks fifth in the NFL, can shut down Peterson, it can all but guarantee a victory.

LA: The Seahawks’ next matchup will be an intense game. With the Vikings being 8-3 and first in the NFC North Division, the Hawks need to get a win.

JK: I think that it stands a really good chance against the Vikings. The Vikings have a really young and inconsistent quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater, so the key to the game is going to be putting ample amounts of pressure on him, and shutting Adrian Peterson’s amazing rushing ability down.

KS: I don’t think it’s a game to be underestimated. The Seahawks have to keep their focus.

What are your thoughts or predictions for the weeks ahead?

CF: The Seahawks can win out if they get past the Vikings and its final game of the season against the Cardinals. If the Seahawks shuts down Adrian Peterson as well as Arizona’s high-powered offensive attack, it will have one of the two wild-card spots on lock.

LA: I think the team will win their next five games and get the wild card spot and make it to the playoffs. Go Seahawks.

JK: I think it will have a good shot at making the playoffs if they win every single game moving forward. The team finally has a positive record which will help. Jeremy Lane is also resigned, and picked up one interception his first day back. He is a huge part of this defense, and can make plays in the passing game, which is something necessary.

KS: The Hawks have some tough games ahead and only if the team keep its focus the Hawks can make it to the playoffs.


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