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Viking Voices 11/24

Viking Voices showcases student opinions on different issues by asking them different questions.

“What does Thanksgiving mean to you?”


Thomas Metos senior, geophysics
Thomas Metos
senior, geophysics

“I guess it’s usually time to get together with my family just be thankful for everything we have in our lives and just celebrate life, love and family.”

Symone Camargo freshman, art and education
Symone Camargo
freshman, art and education

“It means spending a lot of time with my family and just reflecting on the past year and talking about what we’re thankful for and all that good stuff.  My mom makes three different kinds of pies every year and we all just try them.”

Joe Kuljis junior, geology
Joe Kuljis
junior, geology

“Nothing. It’s a commercial holiday. Growing up, [that] never meant a lot to me so it doesn’t mean a lot to me right now.”

Erica Holman junior, geology
Erica Holman
junior, geology

“Really good food, and time spent with family.  It’s like the prelude to Christmas. It’s typical, spend all day Wednesday making dinner, getting ready, just everybody comes over.”



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