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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to Bellingham Plans New Festive Lights

This letter to the editor was written by Annie Vohs, a Western senior and international business and music major.

I am writing in response to your November 10th article about the new LED festive lights that are going to be introduced this holiday season to downtown Bellingham. While I am thrilled that the town is getting a little bit more glamorous this season I am concerned about the costs. There were no exact figures in your article on how much more cost effective these lights will actually be compared to the incandescent snowflake lights in years past. I was then further concerned by who will be covering the cost if Puget Sound Energy Foundation does not respond to the grant application. The quote: “The project will proceed regardless,” leaves me wondering whose money will be forced to pay for a project that is going to happen no matter what. Will the City of Bellingham be required to hand over the cash or will Kapow, the competition runners, be imposed upon to pay for the project?  Again, I am ecstatic that downtown Bellingham will be getting a more modern upgrade, it is just unclear and concerning who will be paying for the costly advancement.


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