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Viking Voices 11/20

Viking Voices showcases student opinions on different issues by asking them different questions.

“Do you feel that students spend too much time online? Why or why not?”


Lance Phetkanya sophomore, business and marketing
Lance Phetkanya
sophomore, business and marketing

“Yes, honestly I think they do. Every single day I see people nonstop on Twitter, Facebook and just social media in general. I feel like they could be using their time to study.”



David Hermansen junior, management information systems and user experience
David Hermansen
junior, management information systems and user experience

“Students do spend too much online, but for reasons that are perfectly reasonable. They are online for school, for social communication. Though we spend a lot more time in front of our screens than we did 10 years ago, it is so much more necessary than it was back then.”

Maggie Wilson sophomore, psychology
Maggie Wilson
sophomore, psychology

“Yes, I do because there are so many different forms of social media. We don’t let ourselves become bored anymore, if we aren’t doing anything, we can check the multiple forms of social media and see what’s going on.”

Sharmaine Miranda junior, communications
Sharmaine Miranda
junior, communications

“Yes, now that everyone has a smartphone they are always on their phone in between classes. In our generation, technology is so advanced, everyone is on their phone or on their computer using the internet. There are good ways and bad ways of using the internet, it just depends how we use it.”


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