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Libby’s Corner: Nov. 20

Dear Libby,

I am on track to graduate this summer, however there a couple classes that don’t fit into my schedule even though I really want to take them. On one hand I could graduate in summer and finally be done with my 5-year degree and not have to take out more loans, or I could take another quarter and fit in the two or three classes that I want to take. Help?


Stuck in school


Dear Stuck in School,

I can definitely understand the urge to take something different. I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t considered throwing a tea class or a zumba lesson into my schedule. But I also understand what it’s like to want to finish up with college as soon as freaking possible.

You’re so close to breaking free and finally joining the adult world you can taste it.

But I’ll say this: college is full of opportunities to learn you might not get a chance to have in the future.

Enjoy the time you have and listen to your gut. If you still want to learn a bit more before you shove off on your grown-up adventure, then by all means, stick around.

But if you want to head out, you can always come back and take more classes down the line.


Dear Libby,

As the end of the quarter is quickly approaching, I’m finding myself bogged down with work and my social life is suffering. My friends keep getting upset when I choose to stay in to catch up on work. How do I balance school and relationships with friends during the end of the quarter?


Unbalanced and Unsure


Dear Unbalanced and Unsure,

At this point in the quarter, it’s easy to want to throw all your homework down a dark staircase and just go out and enjoy yourself. But, unfortunately, young adulthood comes with this lame thing called responsibilities.

It sucks, and it’s not always fun, but you do it so you can build a better future for yourself. If your friends are really your friends and understand the concept themselves, they’ll understand if you can’t go out all the time.

But it’s also important that you don’t drown yourself in work every single moment of every single day. Take the time to go out to lunch or go see a movie here and there. You deserve to breathe normally every now and again.


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