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Viking Voices 11/10

Viking Voices showcases student opinions on different issues by asking them different questions.

What does it mean to you to have a day set aside to recognize veterans?

Jason Lacy freshman, computer science
Jason Lacy
freshman, computer science

“It’s important because they set aside their lives and peace of mind in order to defend the country. … People go into the military for different reasons but it’s usually for somewhat selfless reasons.”

Samantha Stanley  senior, history and social studies
Samantha Stanley
senior, history and social studies

“I think it’s really easy to forget and live our lives and not think about it, so having that recognized day to remember that our lifestyle is protected by these people who are willing to go and willing to die to protect the lifestyle we live.”

Sean Laimbeer sophomore, undeclared
Sean Laimbeer
sophomore, undeclared

“I think it’s important. If we don’t set a day aside, then nobody would really think about it as much as they should and as much as veterans deserve. I think it means a lot for them to have a day for everyone to focus on them.”

Jeni Haas junior, studio art
Jeni Haas
junior, studio art

“It’s important that we take a day to reflect, to respect them and honor them for what they sacrifice and do for us so we can have our freedom. I wish people would take it more seriously.”


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