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Cheap and Easy Recipes: Toad-in-the-Hole

I’m sure all of my faithful readers know I have an eye for the cheap at this point. “Cheap eye for the Scrooge-guy” could have been the name of this blog. It’s catchy, I’ll pitch it to the writer’s desk.

Anyway, my vulture gaze was captivated when I walked into the kitchen to see a roommate of mine preparing a sandwich. But not any old sandwich; a remarkably simple and cheap-looking sandwich. I had to know his secret so I could add it to my list of food to prepare when I don’t want to spend energy or thought on things I’m consuming.

He said it was called by many names, but my favorite (and the one I remember) was “Toad-in-the-Hole.” You’re going to make a sandwich with egg in it, but it isn’t French toast so settle down. Here’s what you need:


  • One large egg
  • Bread (your call – gluten free is certainly not the cheapest)
  • Oil (I’ve got a soft spot for extra virgin olive oil)
  • Whatever else you want on your egg sandwich. Think outside the bun.
  • Heat a pan with oil in it – enough to cover everything you want to fry. A tablespoon is as good a place to start.

Cut out an egg-sized hole in one piece of bread. Fry the hole-y piece of bread, another piece and the little circle you cut out of the hole-y piece. Three pieces total, but two co-dependent pieces and one independent piece.

FRY ‘EM UP: As they are frying, go ahead and crack your egg into the hole-y piece of bread. Proceed to fry and cook your food in the pan, and throw in anything else you like. I fried some onion, tomato and chard with mine. Lovely food, for rabbits that is.





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