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Libby’s Corner: Nov. 6

Dear Libby,

I have a crush on someone who doesn’t seem to feel the same way.  We’ve kissed once before and talked about how we have feelings for each other.  But she always tells me that she doesn’t want to date anyone.  What does this mean?  I just want to make her happy.  But she keeps pushing me away.  What should I do?


Dear Crushed,

Women are odd creatures. Some of us suck, some of us are awesome and some of us are trying to figure out whether we suck or are awesome. If you care about this chick, give her a chance. But don’t get so hung up that you don’t live your life.

If she doesn’t want to date, there’s nothing you can do about it. If she’s actively pushing you away, then maybe it’s time to distance yourself.

Don’t get crushed by your crush.


Dear Libby,

My boyfriend has bad breath. Like it’s really bad. He brushes his teeth, I watch him do it and sometimes try to make a game out of it. But, nothing helps. I think it’s because of the food he eats. How do I tell him that it takes every fiber of my being to not vomit when he kisses me?!


Hot for Halitosis

Dear Hot for Halitosis,

You ever see “Juno?” Stuff that boy’s mailbox so full of Tic Tacs, Paulie Bleeker’s head will spin.

Or, to limit your breath mint expenses, just be honest with him. It sounds like he’s already aware of his bad breath, so just talk it out. Try going through his daily diet and find foods that might be causing bad breath and work with him to find foods that might replace them.

Take the time to have fun cooking together; find something you both like to eat that won’t send the other into a coma.


Dear Libby,

My question revolves around the amount of communication significant others must have between one another. By this, I do not mean how often they talk or if they express their problems to one another or not. That has been asked extensively I am sure.

Mine is more about the need to have extended conversations over text even if you see them throughout the day. Currently, I feel that when I am with my SO, I devote all my attention to her and always engage. However, when we are apart, I tend to not focus on texting and focus on whatever I am doing. Is this fine? Or am I in the wrong for ignoring my textual obligations?

Let me know!

With love,

Tyrone Biggums

Dear Mr. Biggums,

Communication is such a critical part of relationships, and texting just adds a whole new level. There’s nothing wrong with not being a big fan of texting. Sometimes it’s just not everyone’s thing.

It sounds like you really care about your significant other, and as long as you don’t feel like it’s the actual communication you’re not enjoying, don’t worry. If they care about you as much as you care about them, they’ll accept the fact that you’re more of an in-person communicator.



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