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Brenna’s Take on the News: Self-approval and Social Media

Living for ‘likes’: Pressures of social media

It seems like every generation of parents has one thing they decide is the downfall of their children. Rock n Roll, dancing the Charleston, MTV and many others have come under fire (although arguably for MTV it may be founded after watching Jersey Shore). For us, it is social media.

Recently a prominent Australian model made the decision to leave all social media, claiming to be too addicted to self-approval via likes and favorites.

So what does the media do? Write a bunch of “how to protect your children from the evils of social media” articles. Which to me is hysterically hypocritical considering the advice is coming from an industry that completely relies and worships social media for a paycheck at the end of the day.

Article after article explains alternatives for parents to control how much media their kids consume and when, but no one really addresses the glaring question that I have: What is the real harm in social media?

The desperate need for constant self-approval and attention has not developed because Snapchat was invented. If that were the case, every beauty magazine and fad diet would have only started at the advent of the Internet. Self-worth starts internally, so if you ultimately seek the approval of others to measure that, it really doesn’t matter how many apps or “likes” you have in the “virtual world.” Because let’s face it — social media is the real world.  

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