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Students of Western: Tabitha Dorn

Tabitha Dorn2

“I have always wanted to be an elementary school teacher—kindergarten specifically—because it’s the first step in education. I want to help make that light bulb in kids’ heads light up and help them love to learn.”

Meet Western sophomore Tabitha Dorn.

Dorn is an art education major and will be applying to Western’s Woodring College of Education this spring. Her dream, she said, is to teach elementary school kids.

To receive a certification in elementary education, students are required to have a major. Dorn said that is why she chose art education.

“I took art classes in high school and loved them,” she said. “If I need a major for elementary education, I want it to be in a subject I love.”

Outside of class, Dorn said she plays on an intramural soccer team called Each Other’s Mothers. So far, they have won all but one game (which they tied) and are hoping to win The Shirt this season, she said.

A lover of the outdoors, Dorn said she also likes to go on adventures with friends. Some of her favorite adventures have been to Teddy Bear Cove and Clark’s Point.

“I’d like to think I’m a spontaneous person but I’m really not,” Dorn said. Most of her impromptu adventures are a result of being bored and just wanting to get up and do something, she said.

Expanding on her love of adventuring, Dorn said she would love to travel. Seeing the world, experiencing different cultures and the idea of even teaching internationally appeals to her, she said.

“It would be amazing to teach abroad,” Dorn said. “But it would be really hard to leave my family. If I could pack them up with me then I would.”


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