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Libby’s Corner: Oct. 30

Dear Libby,

All my friends have girlfriends this year and are planning to dress up in couples’ costumes for Halloween. I am very much single and very much aware of it, but I want to go out with my friends. What should I do so I don’t feel like crap and am able to enjoy myself?


Sneaking Candy Alone


Dear Sneaking Candy Alone,

There’s nothing wrong with flying solo for a holiday, and you shouldn’t let it crash your candy high. Take the opportunity to come up with a badass costume for one.

Buy a volleyball, decorate it with a bloody handprint then strip down to your skivvies and yell, “Wilson!” Grow a spectacular beard overnight and say you’re from “Game of Thrones.” Or buy a bunch of Silly String cans, put on a red sweatshirt and blame your discomfort on your “spidey sense.” The point is, you can still have fun. Candy doesn’t discriminate relationship status.


Dear Libby,

I’m so not a candy person and every year my friends make fun of me for my lack of sweet tooth. I know they’re only kidding, but it gets obnoxious and still hurts my feelings a little. How can I show them what they’re teasing really does to me?


Savory not Sweet


Dear Savory not Sweet,

Ever heard of durian? It’s a Malay-Indonesian fruit that has the pungent taste and aroma of rotten everything. It can also be made into hard candy. You catching my drift? Bring some of that to your Halloween party and your friends might just understand how it’s possible you’re not a candy person.

But if inducing projectile vomiting doesn’t sound like a nice way to spend your holiday, try just telling them what’s up. It always feels like you have to have people realize how their actions affect you on their own, but it’s so much cleaner and faster to just put it out there.

Maybe bring a Snickers with you just in case.


Dear Libby,

I love costumes and dressing up for Halloween but it doesn’t seem like it’s a big thing around campus. I’ve got an awesome costume but I’m embarrassed wearing it out.


Blushing Batman


Dear Blushing Batman,

Don’t let the oppression of the common folk hold you down! Don your black cape and hockey pants and show them to the world. After all, you are not the hero Western deserves, you’re the one it needs.

Putting all Christopher Nolan-grade jokes aside, you really don’t have anything to be embarrassed about. Some people are just more into Halloween than others, it doesn’t mean those who dress up or those who don’t should feel uncomfortable about their preferences and choices. If you’ve got a costume you’re proud of, wear it. You might just inspire another nervous student to do the same.



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