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Brenna’s Take on the News: Philidelphia does National Cat Day right

Hey everyone! Here’s a hot-shots edition of Brenna’s Take on the News. Think of it as a diet edition in honor of mid-terms.


In celebration of national cat day (which I just thought was every day but whatever), the Uber in Philadelphia, the international transportation service, will actually deliver cats to your office.

For the completely reasonable price of $30, you can order cat time for 15 minutes. There’s no way your boss can be upset about this, right?

This is like the Jimmy Johns of cat lovers. While if this was available in Bellingham I’d be rolling in a pile of Uber cats right now, I do have a few reservations. How do the cats feel about this? Cats generally aren’t fans of cars—or people, to be fair—so being carted around all day may be stressful. If we were to truly honor our feline compatriots, you would think the most fitting celebration would be to just leave them the hell alone.


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