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AS starts newsletter

A newsletter is being created by the Associated Students Board of Directors to inform and start a dialogue with students about campus issues. The newsletter will be available in the AS Review as well as email starting Monday, Nov. 2, and will run monthly.

With this newsletter, the board is trying to reach out and be all inclusive to students, not just the ones who know about the AS, said AS Board Program Assistant Sabrina Romano.

“[The board] can’t actively and effectively represent students without really getting in touch with them,” Romano said.

The plan for the first newsletter will be a general introduction. After the first issue, each board member will write about what they’re doing for the month and what they’ve done the past month in regard to their position. Feedback from students will designate how the newsletter will go from there, Palumbo said.

At the beginning of each school year board members meet to discuss board priorities that will affect students.

One priority that came off that list was outreach and transparency, Vice President of Student Life Emma Palumbo said.

A lot of times at board meetings the information discussed doesn’t get to students across campus, Palumbo said.

“[The newsletter] is a way to get more information out about what the board does,” she said.


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