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UW vs. Oregon: Game Review

Hundreds of fans dressed in purple and gold filled the parking lot, setting up their tents, grills and beginning to blare music with the smell of grilling burgers wafting through the air. As more fans filled the parking lot next to the Husky Stadium, more people began chanting, “Go Huskies.” The crowd was electric and ready for an action packed game.

I could not believe the crowded in the parking lot. All of the people inside their motor homes and tents, ready to tailgate eight hours before the game. People traveled from all over Washington and even Canada to attend this game. It was Saturday, Oct.17, at 7:30 pm when husky fans and I filled the stadium for their homecoming game against the Oregon Ducks.

As the kickoff began, the student section twirled around white towels, while some students held signs and chanted. Some of the signs said, “Pump your own gas” or “Pluck the ducks.”


The Ducks took an early lead, scoring a touchdown in the first and second quarter. Both teams put up a field goal before going into half time making the score 16-3 Ducks. The band played their show with a sparkly crystal ball in the middle to a disco themed homecoming performance. They played their own rendition of Saturday Night Fever, it was incredible.

Coming to the field for the second half, UW wasn’t going down without a fight They scored 17 points in the second half, cutting Oregon’s lead down to 26-20. The huskies got the chance to win the game at the end with one minute to go in the fourth quarter, but were unable to manufacture a run.

The huskies lost 26-20 leaving the fans disappointed, but it was still a great game and even better atmosphere to be around.

After experiencing a college football game, it makes me wish that Western would bring back their football team. The atmosphere at a college football game is like no other experience, which really brings a sense of community to a college town. Football brings the students, faculty and community under one roof for one night out of the week to represent and show their school pride. The game of football attracts thousands and thousands of people that creates a bond between a community, school and alumni from all over.

I wish I got to experience this every week. Getting together with friends and colleagues, dressing up in school colors, tailgating and cheering on my school inside a stadium packed with Western fans. That would be amazing.

So, where do you stand? Should Western bring back their football team?


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