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Brenna’s Take on the News: Space wine and Black Friday

Happy Tuesday! Only one more day until hump day, and only two more days until the weekend after that. For Tuesday, Oct. 27:

“On Black Friday, REI wants you to take a hike. Literally.”

In its outdoorsy, rebellious fashion, REI has announced their doors will be closed not only for Thanksgiving, but for Black Friday as well. The store issued a statement more or less saying, “You know all that REI gear we know you’ve already purchased? Go use it. Outside.” And the best part? REI employees are still getting paid that day.

Giving employees paid leave on holidays shouldn’t be news, yet here we are. The first criticism that naturally arose was the possible revenue lost from one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Then the rest of us laughed and reminded those people of online shopping, almost making this weird commercial ritual antiquated.

Good for REI. Thanks for thinking of your employees. But I doubt many people are going to want to hike anywhere too far after a day of gorging themselves on meat and starch.

“This Comet Leaves Tons of Alcohol and Sugar in its wake”

A singular comet out of thousands is gaining national media attention. Why? Because it is releasing the equivalent of 500 bottles of wine per second of ethyl alcohol. It’s also spewing a sugar called glycolaldehyde.

Suddenly, journalists get excited. Space cocktails!

The comet fittingly is named ‘Lovejoy,’ after the scientist who studies it. The finding may hold clues to how comets striking ancient Earth might have been the way certain complex sugars, alcohols and other organic molecules were introduced to this planet, according to an astrochemist quoted in a Huffington post article. This has lots of implications—like seeing a possible origin for the building blocks of life here on Earth.

But let’s be honest: the rest of us are waiting for someone to sell us “space wine.”


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