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Brenna’s Take on the News: Zaqistan and Marco Rubio

Welcome back! Here’s the shenanigans for Monday, Oct. 26:

“Man creates Republic of Zaqistan in Box Elder County”

There is a 4-acre plot of sage brush land in the middle of Utah guarded by a single robot security guard. There, you will find a red and yellow flag, some fake passports and the president of this sovereign nation, Zaq Landsberg.

Yes, this is possible. And it’s called Zaqistan. Which is fantastic.

President Landsberg, originally from New York, purchased this land 10 years ago online for the sake of artistic expression and, basically, because you can apparently.

My favorite aspect of this is despite multiple news outlets reporting on this, not one really explains how much you have to pay for this and how you even just develop a sovereign nation. What kind of paperwork do you have to go through? Or if you just believe it hard enough and make your own passports to make it so (which yes, he has passports)? It can’t be that easy, because then this country would just be a patchwork quilt of “Republic of Joe’s” and “Brennatopia’s.”

That being said, I probably won’t be visiting any time soon, considering the nearest ROAD—let alone city—is 15 miles away.

More about Zaqistan: http://www.deseretnews.com/article/865639464/Man-creates-Republic-of-Zaqistan-in-Box-Elder-County.html?pg=all

Rubio gives up on Senate: ‘He hates it’

Everyone likes to complain about their job every once in a while. But usually we don’t complain about our jobs to our new possible employer…especially when your employer is more than 300 million voting Americans.

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio has recently sparked media firestorm with three little words: “I hate it,” with “it” meaning the Senate. He is not running for reelection, and finds the whole congress thing to be too “rule-bound” and “slow,” according to a Washington Post article.

He has a fair argument. Congress is slow and dumb right now—you don’t see me working there (for a variety of reasons). But there is also something to be said for actually showing up to do the votes people elected you to do—which hasn’t been doing very often lately.

As far as a campaign strategy, this could be a nightmare. How do you run on a platform that says “When the going got tough, I got going…out the door, into my car and quit.” Right now he’s trying to bill it as a better way to serve Americans, but right now it kind of looks like “I’m not getting my way so I’m taking my ball and going home.”



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