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Man and the Mascara: Night out make-up tips

IMG_1601With the back-to-school-I-want-to-go-out feeling still in full swing there is this added pressure of wanting to look good. Well the truth is you already do look good, makeup just enhances what is already there. Needless to say, makeup is important. The past few weeks I’ve given you tips and tricks about how to maintain your healthy skin. This week I am going to switch it up and give you tips on how to wear your makeup when going out.


As for the face makeup do whatever feels necessary, now might be a fun time to experiment with contour, or also just a simple loose powder. My advice on this would be that if you are using a liquid foundation always finish it off with some press powder in translucent. This is because when you start dancing you will get this shine, and the press powder is going to lessen that shine for you, if not eliminate it all together.


First, I want to talk to you about eyebrows. Eyebrows are commonly overlooked, overdone, or misshapen. The eyebrows are a very important part of any complete look. To start off, you are going to want to have them either plucked or waxed; this can either be done professionally or by yourself. It’s always nice to have a foundation of where to start.

Next, you are going to want to fill them in, find what color works for you. It could either be natural or a little dark. Since you are going out dark is okay. Once you find your color, go ahead and fill them in. Make sure to follow the natural arch of your eyebrow and remember your eyebrows SHOULD NOT look like an upside down “U.” Think of it more like and upside down check mark.

Lastly, feel free to clean up anything you may not like with some concealer, just MAKE SURE TO BLEND IT OUT, we have all see the cases of those people who have the crazy unblended eyebrows. Feel free to use a shade lighter than your natural skin tone for that added pop. Just remember to blend.


I always recommend smoky eyes, the smokier the better in my opinion. Going out at night gives you a little more leeway in wearing more cosmetics. So go crazy. Feel free to experiment with those colors that you have never experimented with before. Not all of them at the same time, but perhaps one or two that are very close in color. Feel free to play with white or silver, or other colors we don’t often see in the daytime. I always recommend using black on your lid close to your eyeliner just to darken your eyes and make them pop. It also kind of just brings your whole look together.

As for eyeliner, feel free to use however much is needed. If you are wearing a lot of eye shadow I might recommend not getting so crazy with the wing. Also make sure to blacken out that water line to make your eyes pop, or whiten it out, to make your eye seem bigger. Just make sure that your liner isn’t smudged.

Mascara is a must. I recommend finding a lengthening brand, as well as a clump resistant wand. Also feel free to experiment with false eyelashes because they are a lot of fun and when else do you get to wear them?


Lastly, with dark makeup come dark lips. I always like a dark red. However, if you are using some crazy colors on your eyes do not use red; use a dark more natural brown. It isn’t going to clash, and it is still going to draw attention to your mouth. (Smooch smooch) Remember to always line it with lip liner for those crisp clean looking lips.

Make-up removal and skin protection:

My last step is to always remove your makeup with a very healthy and skin protective product. My advice is always use coconut oil because it is amazing. But if you must use makeup remover make sure it is good for your skin. Additionally, always use makeup that is going to be good for your skin. The last thing you want is to be 30 and look like your 40 because of your makeup choices when you were younger.













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