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BACKSTAGE ACCESS: Insight into the lives of real music industry professionals


This week on BACKSTAGE ACCESS we will explore some insight of a music producer. These days in the music industry, electronic-based music has been skyrocketing in popularity. This genre of music has opened up an entirely new realm for music lovers and with that, new jobs.

Josh Leibsohn shared his experience as an up-and-coming Seattle-based music producer. Read on to learn how he got started, what inspires his creations and to check out some of his newest music and live performances.

Featured Professional: Josh Leibsohn

Josh Leibsohn, 23, is a music producer known as Dream Journal. Leibsohn has been playing in bands since he was 15 years old, but he would first and foremost consider himself an electronic musician.

Dream Journal consists of a unique blend of noises that Leibsohn described as sounding “dreamy.”

His music consists of electronic beats that Josh produces himself but is also combined with various live music accompaniment, such as guitar, piano or saxophone, that either Leibsohn or a guest musician plays.Untitled

“I’m pretty inspired by nature,” Leibsohn said. “And when I say pretty, that’s an understatement.” Musicians such as Nicholas Jaar, Jaime xx and Caribou – what Leibsoh would describe as “forward thinking electronic producers” – also serve as inspiration to Dream Journal’s music, he said.

Many people might wonder how a music producer is any different from a musician or a singer/songwriter. They both make music, right? Leibsohn explained that the two roles actually quite differ.

“A music producer does everything,” Leibsohn said. Music producers write and compose the music they produce, similar to typical singer/song writers and musicians, but they also handle all of the recording, mixing, effects and mastering of their music.

“The goal is to make music that expresses who you are and music that connects with people,” Leibsohn said.

Leibsohn has been making electronic music for six years. “It [making music] turned into a pretty insatiable appetite,” Leibsohn said.Untitljed

Dream Journal has been around for one year. He said that continuously going to live shows and learning more about music from all over the world is what snowballed to his path to pursue producing music.

Leibsohn extended the advice to those who are interested in pursuing this path to put in a lot of time to their work. “Get started today,” Leibsohn said. “It takes a lot longer than you think it does.”






Latest song by Dream Journal on Sound Cloud: “You Should Know” https://soundcloud.com/dreamjournal/you-should-know

Soundscape (Jungle Themed) – Dream Journal’s upcoming show – FB Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/409044969281797/

Video of a Dream Journal performance at the Wild Buffalo with Cuff Lynx and Justin Hartinger on 6/13/15. https://www.facebook.com/dreamjournalmusic/videos/1626888670922158/



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