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Students of Western: Walter Wilson

IMG_5928“I really like the environment. I’m especially interested in fish.”

Meet Walter Wilson. Walter is studying environmental science and is in his fourth year at Western. He said he tries to keep an eclectic education and studies subjects such as geology and botany.

He enjoys running, foraging, spending time outdoors and prospecting (in layman’s terms) for fossils and rocks like geodes. One of his favorite hobbies is fishing and he enjoys it basically anywhere he can legally fish.

Walter grew up on an island and, growing up, he spent a lot of time wandering around outdoors. Walter said one of the reasons he enjoys fishing is because it helps him feel closer to nature.

The Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park and Heather Meadows at Mt. Baker are some of Walter’s favorite places that he has been. One place Walter has not traveled to but hopes to visit someday are the Scottish Highlands.

A participant in Western’s Humans Vs. Zombies club, Walter was given the nickname “Braveheart” for going to battle the undead dressed like a Scotsman. Walter said he is planning on adding to his outfit this fall.

An interesting fact about Walter and his family is that the Easton Glacier on Mt. Baker is named after his great, great grandparents.


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