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Libby’s Corner: Oct. 16

Dear Libby,

One of my professors is extremely attractive, and I can’t focus when he lectures. He’s like five out of five jalapeño peppers hot. Do you have any tips on how to focus?


Hots for the Hottie


Dear Hots for the Hottie,

Haven’t we all had that one professor that sends our hearts fluttering out the window in the middle of a lesson? I found a gangly, red-headed math teacher rather fetching during my last year in Running Start as well. So I’ll tell you what I did.


But use that infatuation as motivation. Read ahead so you’ll know answers to questions when he asks them. Think of how awesome he’ll think you are if you’re paying close attention to his lectures and asking intelligent questions.

Turn that five out of five jalapeno score into some productive salsa!


Dear Libby,

I am concerned about my boyfriend. He has recently rediscovered his passion for playing Pokémon. During the summer it was fine, but now that we are back in school, I am worried that it may start to interfere with his studies (and more importantly, his time with me!). How can I help him with his addiction without regulating his screen time like a five year old?


P.O.ed at pikachu


Dear P.O.ed at Pikachu,

Pokémon is tough competition. I mean, your boyfriend has 720 little distractions to keep his mind away from you and school. The way I see it, there are quite a few things you could do.


  • Replace all his games with the Japanese versions.
  • Make him watch the 2002 movie Pokémon 4Ever (trust me, that’ll dissolve his faith in the franchise at least through the rest of the quarter).
  • Do the pikachu voice constantly whenever you’re around him.
  • Whatever you do, don’t let him buy Pokémon Go.


Or, maybe you could try playing with him? That way you can come to a point when you think homework needs attention and suggest you both take a break.


Dear Libby,

I’m having trouble making friends. I have a few but none I feel really connected with. I’ve gone to clubs and I talk to people in class but it never seems to develop into friendships outside of club or class time. I’m friends with my neighbors and roommates but I want other friends too. How can I make more friends?


Feeling Friendless.


Dear Feeling Friendless,

Have you tried baking? The sweet tooth is a powerful bone that leads straight to the heart and you can make both melt with a plate of fudge or homemade cookies. Give a stranger a brownie on your way to class and BAM! you’ve got a new best friend.

But if you don’t want friendships that crash along with the sugar high, just be patient. The best friends you can have are also worth waiting for. Keep reaching out in classes and clubs and the buddies will come.


Dear Libby,

I’m undecided — how do I decide on a major?




Dear Undecided,

Print out a list of all the majors Western offers, tape it to some cork board and throw a dart at it. Whatever you hit you will spend the rest of your life doing no matter how much you hate it.

Or you could just relax and take your time. Take some classes you’ve never tried before and see if anything interests you. Talk to students and professors in different programs. The beauty of college is you’re exposed to hundreds of different potential careers.

The questions above contain submissions from The Western Front staff.

Want advice from Libby? Send an email to libby.westernfront@gmail.com.


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