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Let’s Talk Sports: Who’s going to the World Series?

One team hasn’t won the World Series since 1985. One team hasn’t won the World Series since 1986. One team hasn’t won the World Series since 1993. And one team, hasn’t won the World Series since 1908.

It’s a battle of who has got the better shade of royal blue as fans in Kansas City, New York, Toronto, OR Chicago are going to be at the top of the baseball world when it’s all said and done for the first time since I’ve been alive. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. But who’s going?

ALCS – Kansas City Royals vs. Toronto Blue Jays

The Royals were the darling of last postseason, making their way to the World Series before falling to the Giants despite years of bad baseball teams. In the American League at least, the Blue Jays are that team this year and they will not be denied in the ALCS. The two teams aren’t here by any mistake, they’re both really good and deserve to be here, and they both do a lot of the same stuff well. I just think at this point you have to try not to overanalyze things and the Blue Jays are specifically built for these moments after their aggressive trade deadline this year. Troy Tulowitzki and David Price still managed to be productive in the Division Series while not maximizing their opportunities, same with Josh Donaldson. If the Jays can get anything close to their full talent against Kansas City, along with continued dominance of the bullpen, they will find themselves playing for the World Series.

If you needed more reason to pick the Blue Jays….

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  NLCS – New York Mets vs. Chicago Cubs The Blue Jays might be the darling of the American League, but in the National League you can make a case for both representatives owning that title. The Mets have a very good team, led by remarkable young pitching from Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard, as well as the bats of Yoenis Cespedes and Daniel Murphy. But man would I be lying if I said I don’t think those lovable losers in Wrigley won’t be facing Toronto for all the marbles. These “darling” teams I keep talking about are great and all, but this Cubs teams is a team of DESTINY. Gone are all thoughts that their youth might hold them back, or that they’re one year away from being dominant. Breaking news, they are dominant, and they showed it against the class of the NL in the St. Louis Cardinals as they ushered in a new era for the MLB. Look for more dingers from Schwarber, Bryant, Rizzo (and practically anyone else with a Cubs’ helmet on)– along with too much Jake Arrieta, Jon Lester, and a shutdown bullpen. “Go Cubs Go,” the song of October. Chicago’s answer to the Blue Jays reason for being picked… [poll id=”6″]


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