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Cheap and Easy Recipes: Chilaquiles

Chilaquiles. A word that strikes confusion in most people’s hearts. It is a Mexican word, and it loosely translates to “delicious Kanye-level eating.”


Little joke: the word actually has Nahuatl origin and is the name of a traditional Mexican dish. The dish is served up differently regionally and by family, not all that uncommon in Mexican cuisine.


In my family we make it a breakfast affair. The basic concept is that fried corn tortillas become the base for eggs, beans; whatever you fancy. Most important for all of you indentured Vikings, we make it cheaply.


  • The oil you used for the fried rice (since I know you’ve read all two of the previous posts)
  • Corn tortillas (wicked cheap! I roll Don Panchos, but as per all my recipes, pick out the most visually appealing packaging for YOU)
  • Eggs
  • Whatever random stuff you want to throw in. I used green pepper and tomato.
    • If you’re a cheese person, it seriously rocks in this dish.
    • Salsa and guacamole are classics beyond classics.
    • Beans, meat, avocado, ONION, jalapeños, etc.
    • I cannot stress enough to get into (non-pumpkin) seasoning.

Start heating a modest amount, perhaps one table spoon, of oil in a pan. pbThen rip up a few tortillas – you’ll decide how much for how many folks you’re preparing the dish for, and your preferred tortilla to egg and the rest of the food ratio. I usually go no further than three or four tortillas if serving one person (with a big appetite).

Rip the tortillas into corners a bit smaller than your average tortilla chip.

Place the tortilla corners into the pan spaced out. Try to make sure the oil gets on each bit (something I failed to do in my pictures). Watch and flip the pieces as they brown.

Now here’s the custom part: anything that you want fried, veggies or meat or whatever, place in before the egg. Things like cheese and egg would come after or with the egg, but anything you want crispy needs to hit the oil before you are monitoring the egg.


I’m fried-y? I’m fried-y? A bit of Spongebob humor? Then you’re ready for the eggs.

I opt for two or three, but perhaps you’re making a big mess.

Cook the eggs scrambled-style.

Once the egg is complete, you could throw on your cheese, salsa, mole, or what-have-ya.

Serve HOT. Eat HOT (but don’t burn yourself, that would be on me and I can’t handle that on my conscious).


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