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Drawing Jam turns gallery walls into everyday works of art

Parents, landlords and rental companies can all agree: drawing on the walls is not the best idea. Unless you’re at the Viking Union Gallery’s Drawing Jam, that is.

The VU Gallery is hosting Drawing Jam, their first show of the academic year.

Jean-Louis Gazabat, the Associated Students VU Gallery director, calls Drawing Jam a collaborative community art project.

“Essentially it’s an exhibition that’s meant to make everyone feel comfortable in the gallery,” Gazabat said. “The gallery is often perceived as an intimidating space so this is really about breaking down those power structure by putting the power in the hands of the gallery’s patrons and allowing them to decorate the walls.”

Students have already been visiting the VU Gallery and creating art. In the middle of the gallery is an assortment of art supplies ranging from pencils to paintbrushes. According to the Associated Students’ event page, students can also bring their own supplies, inviting everything except oil and spray paints.

A lot of art students frequent the VU gallery and the purpose was to have as many different students as possible visit and participate in Drawing Jam said Marya Rybalka, an Associated Students Productions employee

“I think a lot of students have been liking it,” Rybalka said. “I saw quite a bit of students enjoying themselves drawing and it’s a great way to destress and have a lot of fun.”

Ellery von Dassow, an art major, attended the event last year and plans on attending again this year.

“I’m looking to add little doodles, add some personality and character to the overall piece. I know a lot of people bring different aesthetics, I just want to bring my own.” von Dassow said.

The VU Gallery hosted a reception on Oct. 15., 2015 from 6-8 p.m. inviting the Western and Bellingham community to meet the gallery staff and to participate in the show.

Erika Andersson attended the reception and quickly found a favorite on the walls of a little girl with a boy that appears to be added in by another person.  

“I like how people are writing and building on other people’s work and it’s all kind of intersecting,” Andersson said.

Mason Fraker, a senior theatre major, attended Drawing Jam both this year and last.

“I think it’s pretty cool. I think it’s cooler this year than last,” said Fraker. [Fraker, :37]

Drawing Jam opened Oct. 5 and will be open until Oct. 30.


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