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Brenna’s Take on the News: France’s ‘Murica moment

What’s ticking on today’s trends, Oct. 15:

French school stirs media storm with mock assault rifle exercise

A village of 300 people in France today managed to out-Murica’d America today when a primary school held a “meet-the-army” workshop. Children 10 and under had the opportunity to learn about the military by looking at armoured vehicles, tasting food rations and by playing with unloaded assault rifles in the classroom.

Wait, what?

The event would have flown pretty low beneath the radar if it wasn’t for a photograph that circulated social media showing a dozen children lying on the ground with Famas assault rifles pretending to shoot, according to a report done by Reuters.

Naturally, the French Defense Ministry was super pissed, especially in a culture that does not have a love affair with guns. Here, that photo would be on a Texas family’s Christmas card.

It’s important to mention that there were no injuries, and the children were being heavily supervised by military personnel. Perhaps in the future, however, they will plan this event a little better and think about the possible consequences of bringing guns into a school.

Customers say porn played over Target store’s intercom
Unassuming mothers and children in one California Target got an x-rated surprise this morning, Oct. 15, when a recording of porn played over the intercom for an extremely awkward four minutes.

As cursing and moaning sounds echoed through the quiet department store, one mother caught it on video with a type of fury only a mother can bear.

Perhaps this person was a disgruntled employee, or someone who just really wanted to share his or her love for pornography with the world. Either way, my favorite quote from this story was from a customer who thought it was maybe a “Halloween prank.” Other than being unsettling, what is halloween themed about sex sounds?

Whoever was feeling funny and irreverent enough to play this over the speakers has not been identified, but Target issued a statement apologizing and ensuring a prank of this type doesn’t happen again.



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