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Viking Voices 10/13

Viking Voices showcases student opinions on different issues by asking them different questions.

Has your physical self esteem changed since you’ve been in college? How or how not?


Samantha Kowals-Sargeant sophomore, psychology
Samantha Kowals-Sargeant
sophomore, psychology

“In high school I was really healthy and I played sports through high school so I was really fit. My mom is a health enthusiast, so I ate really healthily. Freshman year I lived on the Ridge and the food was healthy, but you have to work to keep yourself eating right when you eat at the dining hall. The pizza and the ice cream definitely got to me, and the gym was really intimidating to go to as a freshman. My exercise definitely slowed, so I gained that ‘freshman 15’ that I told myself I wasn’t going to gain. Now I’m getting better, so hopefully by next year it won’t be an issue. It’s irritating having that be something I’m preoccupied by.”






Mady Lung freshman, psychology
Mady Lung
freshman, psychology

“I think going to college puts your confidence in question, because you don’t really know that many people, but I wouldn’t say my self-esteem has changed. Being in a new place just changes your confidence a lot.”









Ashley Duranceau junior, international business
Ashley Duranceau
junior, international business

“I would say I’ve become a lot more confident here just because it’s a new place, so I kind of decided to just become more confident and raise my self-esteem by thinking positively and being around positive people.”









Anna Marie Yanny sophomore, business
Anna Marie Yanny
sophomore, business

“My self-esteem has definitely improved. The environment that Western creates is a very supportive community. Your first impression of people is generally that they’re kind and have good intentions. It’s a very safe and welcoming environment.”










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